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As the broker of Kylin Realty and a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), I've spent 20+ years in America! I come from mainland China, and in my years traveling between China and the United States, I gained an extensive understanding of domestic economic trends as well as real estate policy - living for many years in the United States has given me the life and work experience to have a reliable docking solution. Whether you are interested in short-term investment, long-term investment, self living, or want to do a combination of these, it is necessary to buy or sell housing after investing in property rental, management, etc., so I am here to offer you the most professional, dedicated service I can provide. For those in China, my services are available as well: my WeChat public platform - 麒麟美国房产 - provides you with online consultation and even customizes your housing service plan! I always adhere to the depth and quality of service in your needs and can arrange your entire trip. If you need, I will provide you with an all-included service of opening a bank account, lodging, obtaining a driver's license, and so on. It is also worth noting that if you have commercial real estate investment considerations, please inform me in detail and I will immediately provide the best/up-to-date commercial real estate information to you. Ultimately, my mission is to build a high-quality platform for Sino-American real estate. Thank you for your patience in reading my introduction! 现为Kylin Realty麒麟地产公司负责人, 也是全国房地产经纪人协会(NAR)成员,拥有短卖屋丶银行屋的认证资格。在美20年!我来自中国大陆,多年来往返于中美,比较了解国内经济动向以及房地产政策,而多年来在美生活和工作经验使我具备良好的两地对接方案,无论您是在美短期,长期投资丶还是自住,甚至于想两者兼而有之,您还是需要买卖房屋或已投资住房后的物业出租丶管理等,我都可以给您提供最专业丶敬业的服务。让我为您的服务从中国开始吧!我的微信公众平台为您提供在线咨询,定制您的房源服务计划;在线计算贷款;租房等业务。

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