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09/01 How to fill the "As Is" contract - Part II

08/11 How to fill the "As Is" contract. 

08/11 Kerry Collins/ Owner of Assure Mortgage - Credit Management and the Loan Process: Great Service at competitice Rates.

08/04 How to use the Property Appraiser website

07/28 Josue Espinosa Taitt Law / property Damage Attorney: New roof Claims Law.

07/21 Loan types & How to help prequalifying your buyers.

07/07 Recruting &Retetion Discusion.

06/30 Strategies for Acquring New Listings

05/19  Activate and Embrace Your Personal Wealth

05/13  "I'm Sick of Selling Houses! How Can I Build Wealth?" w/ Linda McKissack

05/12  Commercial Real Estate

05/05  Individual Case Study